EJIJI Boutique Jewelry for Fashion Trend Seekers

Why the name EJIJI Boutique?

As I was thinking of different names for my new business, I knew I wanted a name that was different and unique, but had a meaning that represented my company to the "T".  As I searched for options, I somehow came across the word Ejiji, which means Fashion in Igbo. Yeahhhhh, I danced all over the room as I realized this discovery, this name, is exactly what I wanted for my business.  It felt like the perfect fit I wanted.

 Fashion Trend Seeker

 I decided to open a business where people could purchase quality items at prices that don't leave them feeling bad after their purchase. I wanted moms to be able to shop and feel gorgeous without guilt, college students who don't have a lot of money, but of course want to be trendy, and most of all I wanted people on fixed incomes to feel as gorgeous as anyone else. 

My passion led me here. So welcome to our store and we hope you enjoy browsing.

Ejiji Boutique sells unique pieces of jewelry

Every piece of jewelry we sell, is 100% Lead and Nickel Free and some are Cadmium free within the requirements of Prop 65. Various items are silver or gold plated, over mixed metals such as iron or zinc.