How To Layer Bracelets Like A Pro in 3 Steps

How To Layer Bracelets Like A Pro in 3 Steps

Mix and match different bracelets for a unique look

If you want to get into the trend of wearing multiple bracelets, but don't know where to start, here are 3 tips on how to layer bracelets that will make it easy!

How To Stack Bracelets Like A Pro in 3 Steps | Ejiji Boutique


Jewelry stacking of all kinds has gained a strong following; such as wearing lots of rings together and layering a variety of necklaces. Given how you can swap jewelry pieces in and out to suit your mood or outfit, this is one trend we don't see getting old any time soon! So why should your wrists miss out on the fun?

Bracelets are everywhere. It used to be enough that you just had a few little baubles on your arm, but today’s fashionistas have discovered the thrill of mixing metals and materials for more than one bracelet at once. The best part is? You can create anything from rock-and-roll glamour with silver bangles, gold chains and diamond studded bracelets or even bohemian chic by layering colorful cords over brown leather bands—whatever suits your style!

It doesn’t matter how many bracelets you wear, it matters which ones. For some inspiration on what to do when the jewelry box gets a little too crowded, and they all start looking alike, this article will help show you three easy bracelet combinations that are guaranteed not to be boring or overdone!

Let's Start with the Basics

If you're just dipping your toe (forearm?) into the stacking bracelet sets waters, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First of all, start with 3 or 4 pieces that share a unifying trait - for example sticking with bangles but varying their width and color. Another idea is to mix chains, bangles and cuffs but make them gold. Experiment on one arm before attempting both!

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Creative displays of mixed metals jewelry can be a great way to update your look and give it an interesting twist. Mixing sleek bracelets with chunky bangles or elegant pieces like pearls, diamonds, gold accents, etc., is a classic technique that never goes out of style. If you're feeling more creative than usual today try mixing some rubber bands in between the layers for something even edgier!

How To Wear Multiple Bracelets?

Generally speaking, if you pile on the bracelets, it is best to wear less of other jewelry. If both of your arms are being accessorized with a lot of bracelets, consider wearing fewer rings on your hand. Extreme bracelet layering tends to work well with monochromatic outfits as well.

What's better than a single bracelet? A stack of bracelets! They are the perfect accessory to give your outfit some personality. Instead of getting bored with old pieces, have fun and switch up your style from day-to-day by changing out what you're wearing on which arm. Whether it be rings or anklet--you can make simple jewelry go from being blah to totally banging in no time at all when you mix them together!

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